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Why Every Network Marketer Needs A System!

I love network marketing, and the more I am involved in the industry, the more my belief in this industry grows. But there is one thing that most network marketers are missing and it could (no, in fact... it will) be costing them! But before I tell you what they are missing, let me tell you why this missing ingredient is so vital!

Unfortunately, the truth is that many network marketers actually do not achieve their goals with network marketing. But it's not because network marketing is a scam or anything like that. It's actually because most network marketers blow hot and cold on network marketing! One day they wake up on fire and smash out 10 - 20 new invites, and then next... they can't face building their network marketing business for at least another 3 months!

To put it another way; most network marketers are inconsistent in their efforts to build their own home home-based business. And it is this inconsistency that means their business never really takes off and gets them where they want to go!

But the great news is there is a way around this! And no it's not just saying.... be more consistent! You may manage another day, but then you will fall into the same inconsistency you have always had.

So what is the best way around this?

Getting a system! Ok, so now you are probably thinking what does a system have to do with being inconsistent? Let me explain.

Every network marketing business has to do 5 basic tasks consistently to succeed. These simple tasks are,

  • Inviting

  • Presenting

  • Following Up

  • Closing

  • Training New Team Members

Now as we have already discussed, most average network marketers, rarely lead their prospects all the way through this process, as they get lost in the busyness of life and become inconsistent.

This is where having a system set up takes allows you to be inconsistent and yet still build a network marketing business. A good system should be able to cover at least 3 of these tasks, if not 4!

Let me show you what I mean by walking you through an easy system I use for my network marketing business.

Firstly, I invite people to take a look at my link. This link leads people to a capture page that takes down their details in return for giving them the information that they want, ie my presentation. There are many done-for-you solutions out there that means this isn't hard to set up. And when I say "I invite" I don't mean I actually spend my time on messenger inviting. I use links in blogs, but you can use a host of methods to drive traffic to your capture page, for example, blogging, social media or youtube videos.

There are then several ways that you can give the presentation to your new prospect. This could be by taking the prospect to a website where the video will play for them, or it could be as simple as sending them an email with a link to a youtube video. But if I may give my personal opinion here, I think taking the prospect straight to the presentation is better as this is instant and allows you to catch the prospect whilst they are actually interested in watching your presentation. Leave it too long and you risk losing your new prospect to the busyness of life!

Now for the vital bit! The follow-up! They say the fortune is in the follow-up, right?

It's incredibly rare that your new prospect will join your business or buy your product on the first visit to your website. Some might, most won't. And this is why a follow-up system is so important. If you currently manually following up with people, I would highly recommend that you find and implement a system to take over this for you. It's what all the professionals do because they know, you can not afford to mess this bit up... you need consistent, timely contact with your prospects that reminds them of your offer and that you still exist! The way that I choose to stay in touch with my prospects is via email. This is because it is non-invasive and can be completely automated.

Let me go a little deeper into this, as it's important to get this right. Experts say on average it takes at least 7 exposures to a product or service before someone actually buys, and if it's starting a new home business it's likely that this number is far higher. So unless you already know the prospect well and they already trust you, it is very unlikely that you will get them to sign up right off the bat. You will likely have to "warm" them up first, but how do you do this?

I would recommend using an autoresponder campaign to send follow up emails to your prospect. But don't make the mistake of sending email after email asking them if they are ready to join your business, this will drive people away and have the opposite effect of what you actually want which is to build trust. For this reason, I actually recommend that your follow up emails focus on education. So if you are building a home business you can educate people on how to start a home business, why they should have a home business and answer the common questions that prospects have. Although your email isn't there to "sell", you should make sure you include your link to business opportunity or product sales page in the email however make sure you give the link in a way that fits with the rest of your email. For example, if your email was about how to choose a home-based business to start, you could say something like, this is the business I choose to build from home and include your link.

If you are thinking that this all sounds very complicated, it isn't! Don't panic! But just to put your mind at rest, you can actually get systems that come with follow up emails included, so all you have to do is plug and play! Or if you want to take control and write your own email campaigns I would recommend using an email autoresponder service such as Aweber

The closing part is really up to you. Some people still like to get on the phone and speak to them as it were. I tend to stick with email and see the closing really like the natural result of a good, well-structured email follow up campaign. Instead of seeing the "closing" as the destination, I see the follow up as a bus journey and it's up to the prospect as to where they actually choose to get in, for some, they just need a few messages, for others they need a lot. And that's ok because we are all different!

But where having a simple system in place is truly powerful is when it comes to training your new team members on how they can get started in their new home business venture. Now, this isn't because you use the system to train them, but because you train them to have their own system in place as you know that the results they will get in terms of recruiting will be a lot better with a system in place to do the heavy lifting for them!

I hope that you have found this short blog post about using simple, online systems to assist you in building your network marketing business to be helpful!

PS. If you want a complete all in one solution, I recommend this!

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