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Top 10 UK Network Marketing Companies To Join

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

So you want to find a network marketing company to join here in the UK? Check out my top 10 list of network marketing companies to join in the UK. Please note that this list is of which MLM companies are good to join in the UK, not necessarily based in the UK!

Deciding to get started with network marketing is a great decision to make, but when it comes to choosing which network marketing company to join the choice is endless! To make your job of choosing a little easier I have compiled a list of my Top 10 UK Network Marketing Companies To Join!

#10 Le-Vel Brands

Le-Vel was founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette who had the vision to create health and nutritional products that allows the product user to live a premium lifestyle. This premium brand is certainly making waves in the direct selling space with their 3 simple steps to thrive formula and their CBD skincare range.

Le-Vel's revenue also boast of how popular the brand has become, achieving $1 Billion in lifetime sales in 2017 just 5 years after opening their doors, then just 2 years later in 2019 hitting the milestone of $2 Billion in lifetime sales!

Le-Vel is a truly unique company and best of all it's free to start your Le-Vel business!

One thing I would mention to anyone wanting to start network marketing with Le-Vel is that their pricing is all in US dollars so you will have to get used to converting your prices into UK pounds. Another quick thing to mention is that as all products are delivered from the USA there can be a wait in actually receiving the products.

#9 Valentus

Valentus was founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan a successful network marketer turned company founder. This is a true benefit as it means that Dave knows exactly what you require of a company and he works to make sure that you have all the tools you need to build your business including these awesome capture pages

In Latin, the word “Valentus” means “prevail,” defined as proving to be superior in strength, power, and influence.

Valentus has made it big with their weight management coffee range, however, there are a number of new products that they sell including immune support and meal replacement shake.

Again Valentus send all their products from the USA so there can be a slight delay on them actually arriving in the UK. Prices are also in USD so again you will have to convert prices into pounds.

When Valentus first came to the UK they found themselves in a spot of bother over the selling of certain products, however they appear to have cleared this up and are growing more of a UK following of business builders.

#8 Acti-Labs

Acti-Labs health and skincare products are made in France, and distributed in the UK, USA and Canada by brand ambassadors. Their ethos is natural products that are clinically tested to achieve results. Acti-Labs are also an animal cruelty-free company and never test on animals.

The brand is a growing brand and they certainly have a strong brand image. The Acti-Labs career plan (compensation plan) is a very simple plan. You simply earn a percentage of what your total sales are, main and simple. Although there are some smart features such as a commission match if you meet a certain criteria

It is worth noting that you do have to personally retail a fair amount of product to be able to earn off of the efforts of your team and rank advance. In other words, your personal product usage isn't likely to cut it!

#7 Isagenix

Isagenix was founded in 2002 by the Coover family. Isagenix is a very exciting network marketing company and lots of their distributors are hitting it big time! They mainly sit in the weight management market although their sports performance range is also taking off!

One of the things I love about Isagenix is their compensation plan, it's a binary meaning that you have one 2 legs which you add your new customers and distributors into, it works well and allows you to get paid infinitely deep, and once you max out the plan, you can then start building another leg meaning you really can hit the big dough in this company.

Another great feature of this business is that they have a variety of monthly autoship packages meaning its easy to get repeat business, and we all know that this is where the money is!

On a slightly negative note, one criticism of Isagenix is that their packages are on the expensive side, but it is fair to say the products are great quality!

#6 Forever Living

Although I am not a Forever Living rep, I do have a soft spot for the business because, in my opinion, they are the essence of what all network marketing companies should be. In other words, they have been going strong for 40 years and there will be reps who made a sale years ago and will still be reaping the benefits today because this product line is so strong, repeat business is highly likely.

Forever Living launched in 1978, with a product line based on the health benefits of aloe vera. Their product line is very broad, with skincare, nutritional supplements, and weight management.

The other thing I love about this business is that fact that most of the reps I speak too from Forever Living seem to have been with them forever (excuse the pun!) And that is certainly a very good sign, although I wonder how easy is it to get started and launch your business today?

#5 Herbalife

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. They are a health and wellness company, with a strong basis on weight management and sports performance.

Herbalife has a slightly checkered past with many ex reps around feeling they were scammed into buying a garage load of product and then left high and dry when they couldn't sell it before the expiry date. They have also had various run-ins with the law over the accusation of being a pyramid scheme, although they came out on top of most of these cases. Herbalife has cleaned up their act and is now a thriving business, with reps who love them!

One of the things I love about Herbalife is that the products all appear to be fairly priced, apart from the skincare range that does seem to be a little high in price, but in fairness, I have never tried it for the quality!

This is another business where I wonder how you can separate yourself from the other Herbalife reps in an already very crowded market?

#4 Monat

Monat, who's name is the combination of modern nature, was founded in 2014. They started off in haircare however they have recently started to also offer skincare products.

Their full price products are high in price, however, the product results appear to speak for themselves... I have even seen people regrow hair after years of hair loss (please don't take this to be a product claim because results will vary for every product user). Saying this, I know that they regularly have offers of their haircare systems, which works out to be amazing value!

Monat has also had their fair share of criticism that their products have harmed people however most of these claims have been disputed by the company.

Again in the Monat compensation plan you are going to have to sell products as your personal usage is not likely to be enough to meet your required PV to rank advance.

#3 Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse, Telecom Plus PLC, was launched in 2002. They are certainly unique in the UK network marketing space, offering energy and telephone services. The Utility Warehouse claims that they are one of the easiest network marketing companies to build because you are just redirecting money that people are spending on services that they already use to the utility warehouse with the claim that they can save you money.

Having looked into switching services to the UW discount club I found that for individual services I could find better offers, however, if you are willing to go all-in taking all of their services they guarantee to save you money or pay you double the difference. Another feature that they boast about is having all your services on one bill, but I'm not sure this is something to get massively excited about!

However the Utility Warehouse is certainly helping everyday people to break out of the 9 - 5 and although personally, it isn't a business I would want to join, you can't escape the fact that they are big, their sense of community is second to none and their training programme is like no other I have seen

#2 Arbonne

If there is one brand that has its image and ethos sorted, it's Arbonne! This vegan health and beauty business was founded in 1975 on the with a mission to spread cruelty-free, safe, clean skincare products around the globe, and it's a mission that they have stuck too religiously!

I have personally been a product user of Arbonne's nutritional products and I can testify to the quality of the products.

I love the story of the company and the way that they tell the story! Arbonne has a very strict not allowed list so you can rest assured that no nasties are in anything that Arbonne sell.

One downside of Arbonne is their complicated success (compensation) plan, although you can earn yourself a nice new white Mercedes Benz!

#1 Immunotec

If you want to join the best network marketing business in the UK, it would have to be Immunotec. Founded in 1996 this business has 20 years of solid trading under their belt, yet the product line is based on 40 years of scientific research.

The flagship product line Immunocal and Immunocal Platnum help to raise your glutathione levels which is a key player in detoxification and the bodies master antioxidant. To check out more of the science behind Immunocal, click here

The Immunotec compensation plan is one of the very best that I have ever seen, with 7 ways to earn money from home with Immunotec!

Want to join the number 1 network marketing company in the UK? Click Here Now!

I hope my Top 10 UK Network Marketing Companies To Join will help you to decide which network marketing MLM opportunity might be the best one for you. All the businesses listed in this blog will enable you to build a strong business from home right here in the UK.

If you would like to ask any questions or give your own opinion on any of the companies on the list, or if you think your company should be on this list, please leave a comment and I promise to reply!

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