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MLM Gateway: My Honest Review

If there is one thing that all businesses need it's leads, and that's certainly true of home businesses such as network marketing. So when it comes to offering top quality business leads, how does MLM Gateway stand up?

What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is simply an online database of network marketers, a bit like a MLM version of Facebook. It's free to have an account, however there is also a premium membership available for $34.80 a month.

All accounts can set up a profile where you can list your name, picture, basic bio (such as where you are located, what you are interested in and what you aren't interested in) and the basic details about the company that you represent. Paid accounts can add additional information such as a video and website link.

People then visiting your profile can choose to connect with you either via a partnership request which costs them 1 credit, or by saying they will join your business. This doesn't cost them any credits, as they become a lead, which you can then unlock for 20 credits.

So what are credits? Credits are a kind of currency within MLM Gateway. If you are a paid (premium) member you get 50 credits a month. If you are a free member you have to earn credits (although you get 5 free when you sign up), which you can do by publishing business announcements or by referring other people to MLM Gateway.

It is worth mentioning that you can buy credits, however this can get very expensive as it works out at roughly $0.50 a credit. With a slight reduction on the more you buy, so for 1500 credits would cost you $509, and depending what you choose to do with your credits, I wonder if it's really worth it?

How to use MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is advertised and designed to be a lead generation service for your network marketing opportunity. It is worth noting that you can not see anyone's contact details until you have both opted to create a connection (a bit like becoming a Facebook friend!)

I have personally not found MLM Gateway to be a good tool for getting people into my network marketing business. As most of the users have a opportunity that they are trying to advertise, so I have personally not found people to be that receptive you taking a look at a new business opportunity.

However there are a couple of less well known features within MLM Gateway that make it a useful tool. Firstly as I mentioned earlier you can publish business announcements, which as a nice treat give you 5 free credits, however the real benefit is that you can add 2 links into the business announcement. Depending on how catchy the title is, I have found this isn't a bad source of traffic, I wouldn't rely on it, but it is a free trickle.

The other great feature is advertising. You can use your credits to set up an advertisement campaign with a link. You can set a cost per click, and it's paid in credits, so I have found I can earn enough credits with business announcements to keep my small ad campaign ticking over.

How to get the best out of MLM Gateway?

When I first got set up on MLM Gateway, I used it purely for trying to get leads for my network marketing opportunity and to be honest, I wasn't at all impressed with it. However I then stumbled on a way of using the site, almost by accident.

As well as building a network marketing business, I also offer network marketers training via affiliate offers. And one day whilst setting up an ad campaign not on MLM Gateway, I decided to run the same ad campaign on the in built advertising platform, and found that I got a really good opt in rate, especially when this traffic was effectively free.

So if I was going to give you a top tip it would be to market yourself on MLM Gateway not as a network marketer, but as a network marketing trainer (after all everyone on there is after fresh leads for their MLM businesses so answer the pain that they have!) and then use a free boot camp or small paid offer to capture them onto your list and convert them into your team from there.

My verdict: MLM Gateway, worth it or not?

I personally use MLM Gateway, and recommend others to do the same. However as mentioned above, I wouldn't personally use it for business opportunity leads. I would get set up with an affiliate offer such as MLSP or Elite Marketing Pro, and use those tools to market to the other MLM Gateway members.

But the best thing to do is set up your free MLM Gateway account, take it for a test drive and see what you think!

PS. If you have any questions you would like answering about MLM Gateway, simply leave a comment and I'll try and answer your question the best I can!

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