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How To Choose Which Network Marketing Company To Join

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

There are hundreds of network marketing (MLM) companies out there offering you the opportunity to join them and build your future with them. But just how should you choose a network marketing company to join?

One of the most common bits of advice you will hear the top network marketing leaders give is this; pick a company and build it big. In other words, don't get distracted by what seems to be going on in someone else's business or team. There will be plenty of new shiny opportunities come along, but the leaders know the people that make the money are the people who choose one network marketing company and build it big! So just how should you pick your network marketing company?

I personally believe there is 5 critical criteria to consider when choosing which MLM company to join

  1. Product

  2. Leadership

  3. Compensation Plan

  4. Tools

  5. Upline

Now let's take a deeper look into how you can evaluate each of these areas to make sure that you are choosing the best network opportunity for you!

1. Product

There is a reason why I have put the product as number 1; it's because it is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of choosing which network marketing company to join! You could find the worlds best compensation plan, and the best website and marketing system but if the product isn't awesome, all of the rest is in vain.

I have a really simple acid test to decide whether or not a product is a good product to build your business with; Whether or not you would buy and use the product with no business opportunity attached?

Another reason I ask this question is that I am a true believer in being a product of the product, and you can't do that unless you absolutely love the product. In the early days of starting any network marketing business, it is likely that your biggest cost will be your use of the product, therefore if you love using the product and you would be using it whether the business takes off your not, you have removed any pressure and you are less likely to get fed up and look elsewhere.

Being a product user also allows you to be really authentic when you talk to people about the products that you offer. I learned this the hard way when I joined a company based on the amazing compensation plan, but being that I was offering ladies makeup that, I didn't use or love the products so I just couldn't actually offer them with any kind of authenticity.

Another reason I have put the product as the most important aspect of choosing a network marketing business to join is that its the key to making money in network marketing. Think about it, you could build a team of 1000 people, but if no one brought anything then you simply wouldn't make any money.

That's why I would highly recommend a consumable product that people can purchase monthly on an autoship order. This means that once they start using the product they are likely to become a life long customer, meaning you do the work once but yet you earn the commission each and every month!

Building a network marketing team based on the love of the product is one of the surest ways to success!

2. Company Leadership

The next thing to look at when choosing your next MLM company is to look at the company leadership. You don't want to prop your ladder up against a wall that falls down, right?

And the best way to test the strength of the way is to look at the leadership. But what exactly are you looking for?

Firstly you are looking at the integrity of the leadership, the experience they have and the direction that they are taking the company. You want to be sure that they have or are currently laying the foundations of a business that can pay you for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, there are many network marketing companies that go broke and fall apart leaving many distributors feeling equally broken and lost! But in all of these situations, you will find that the cracks first appeared in the leadership team.

One thing to point out here (although not directly connected with the leadership team) is timing. Many people believe that they have to get the timing just right. They panic that if they get in too late, the party will have finished and they will have missed out. This simply isn't true. In fact, I feel that it's riskier to get involved with a new company because you just simply don't know how things are going to go. Although I chose to add timing to the list of things to consider as I think if you carefully consider the 5 areas I highlight in this blog, you will not go far wrong!

3. Compensation Plan

Another aspect of your prospective network marketing company to consider is the compensation plan. This is is how you actually get paid so it is well worth making sure you look into this. Don't get hung up on it, but be sure to understand the basics of how you can earn money.

There are a couple of different styles of compensation plan such as uni-level, binary and matrix.

When it comes to compensation, the key question I would be looking to answer is; How do I get myself commission qualified?

Because most network marketing companies will have a requirement of personal sales that you have to achieve to actually be eligible to earn money from the company. In some companies this can be easily achieved by personal product use, however, in some companies, the requirement is higher and you will need to retail product to other people before you can earn off of your team efforts.

4. Tools

When deciding which network marketing company to join another thing to look at is what tools they offer you. For example, do they offer a training platform, a marketing system, and a replicated website? Have they got professional presentation tools to allow you to show people the products and business opportunity?

It's also worth checking whether these tools are included in the business for free or whether you need to pay for them. I once joined an opportunity where you had to pay a monthly fee to keep your replicated company website, so it's always worth checking!

You can always find generic tools to help you build your network marketing business such as this all-in-one tool that I personally use!

5. Upline

Lastly, I would take a look at my potential upline. I would want to know how long they have been doing the business, are they getting the kind of results that I want, and how seriously are they taking their network marketing business?

It's fair to say that this is less important because as long as you love the products, have a great company leadership team with a good compensation plan you can succeed even with rubbish, or even no upline (some companies may sponsor you directly)

However, what you do not want is an interfering upline who wants to treat you like one of their employees. I once feel into this, at first, I found my (now ex) upline to be really really supportive but this support actually quickly turned into control. They wouldn't let me try anything but what they did. And after a while, I found I simply couldn't continue in their team.

That said finding a mentor or a running partner in network marketing is important, so just be sure to get a feel for them before you leap in!

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