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How To Build Your Network Marketing Business In Covid-19

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Amazing how just 3 months ago many of us had never heard of social distancing, and now it's our life. But just how can you continue to build your network marketing business during this time? We've all heard of the 3 foot rule, you know the one, if anyone with a pulse comes into 3 feet of you at anytime, they should find themselves added to your list. But when you are not allowed within 3 feet of anyone.... your business isn't going to grow much! Thankfully there are still ways that you can build your down-line during social distancing (in fact in my opinion it's a far better way to build your business!!!) But to get started you are going to have to keep an open mind, because what I am going to show you might be very different from the methods that you have learnt so far in building your business. That's because there are 2 ways to build a network marketing team, 1. Prospecting 2. Marketing At this time, unless you already have a warm list and a way of communicating with that list, prospecting simply isn't going to work! Sure you can still call the people you know, but when it comes to building a cold list, things are going to get very hard. If this is your only way of building your business then this is 100% for you! Marketing on the offer hand is putting out information and allowing other people to respond to that information in the way that you want. You see this all the time amongst the big players in this space, look at Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, or Frazer Brookes, they don't run over to everyone that they see in the supermarket. Instead they provide value and content that network marketers need, they then collect contact details so they can stay in contact, and build trust and rapport with you, until you get to the place where you choose to act. And the best part for anyone using this style of system, most of it happens on autopilot! PS. if you are just too excited to read the rest of this and you just want to know how to get started, this 7 Ways To Win is the best way! So maybe you're thinking that sounds good, but how do I actually offer value, how do I get people to actually add themselves to my list, or how do I stay in contact in a way that doesn't look like I'm pestering, then have no fear, all will become crystal clear!

1. Getting Value "Out There" Firstly you need to “attract” your potential customer or prospect. The best way to do this is to offer them something that they need. They need to begin to see you as the go to “guru” who has the answers that they need. So if you are in a make-up company and you want to attract customers to you, the value that you could provide is through make-up tutorials. If you were in a weight-loss company and you want customers, a good place to start is to offer solutions to people's problems around the weight-loss market. So if you were to start posting up healthy recipes for everyone's unhealthy favorites, you will find that you quickly build a following of people who trust you, and want to get more of the content that you offer. If you wanted to begin growing your down-line, it’s time to think about the people that you want in your business, who are the people who you want to approach? Once you have that in mind, think about the problem that those people have, for example maybe you decide that you want to build a team of stay at home parents, so you could begin to offer value around information such as “how to build a business with kids around the house” or “how to have a unlimited maternity period!” In short, your aim here is to pick up on your target market's pain, and then offer a pain relief solution. This is one very fast way of you becoming the go to “guru” Once you have decided what value to offer, there are many ways to actually get that information “out there” some organic (free) and some paid. But that’s for another blog! 2. Building Your List Hands up, this is where I went wrong at first and it was very costly! So you now have people enjoying your value, they see you as someone that they trust and they now actively look for your content. That’s great right? It is, but only if you know how you can get in touch with them. This is why it’s important to offer them a trade off. You want their contact details and you should be willing to give them something in return. Here’s an example, you could offer a 10 day healthy eating plan, or a free digital recipe book, but to get it, you are going to need them to put in some details. Typically this is done through a capture page. You have a golden nugget, and they want it enough to trade you their email address or phone number. A quick word of warning here! People are sick and tired of spam, don’t be that person that spams your list daily. It looks desperate and it simply doesn’t get results! Also because people are used to getting spammed, people are much less inclined to enter their details, so be sure to make sure that your capture page is clean and professional and the “golden nugget” truly is golden. Check out this example aimed at people who want to make money from home.

3. Building Trust So you now have an email list, and it’s time to build more trust and rapport with that list. You’ll want to find yourself a good email service for this such as Aweber Continue to offer the same high value content that you offered before, just this time it’s via email. Some examples of this is to offer a link to your brand new video or blog post. Or you could invite your list to vote in an exclusive survey of what value they would like you to provide next. But be consistent with your emails. If you offer a daily email, make sure it arrives daily, if you offer a weekly newsletter make sure it arrives weekly. Red Hot Tip - Set your email campaigns to arrive at a set time each time it’s sent, this way your prospect will not only see you as consistent and reliable, they will also actually look out for your email meaning your open rate will be so much higher!

4. Moving Your List Towards The GOAL Ok so I know what you are thinking, so do I just keep emailing these people until they magically buy from me or join me? This is the key to building your business, and it’s where the money is! All that you have done so far hasn’t made you any money, in truth it might have even cost you some.

But now you actually want to ask the prospect to buy your product or join your team. The best way to do this so that it doesn’t look at all like spam is to use a PS. at the end of your email. So an example for me, is when I email my list about building their network marketing business, I use a PS. at the end to offer products that can help them. For example, To your success, Tom PS. If you want the exact social media marketing blueprint that I have used to explode my team, ​this is it! Can you see that this is completely optional, if the recipient isn’t interested they are not going to feel like I am only interested in selling to them, as they have received the free value in the content of the email. 5. BONUS!!!! - Get Paid Anyway!!! Using just the 4 steps above is great, and done correctly will get you results. But as a bonus, you can actually get paid on your list even if your prospect says no to your product and your opportunity. This is done by affiliate marketing. You see with my business my ultimate aim is to get people to join my awesome team. That’s where I really want them. Next if they don’t want to join me, I'd sure love them to get my product on auto-ship. But if they say no to that also, which is fine right? I offer products which may be of interest, on which I still earn a commission. Here’s an example, I post valuable content around building a network marketing business People choose to opt in to a training that will help them get started, trading their contact details for the training! I then follow up offering support and advice about how to keep their down-line growing.

I include different PS. options at the end of various emails, such as offering people the chance to join my team and work with me. And at the same time I offer various products which may be of interest and on which I get paid! One MASSIVE warning, If you are going to offer other affiliate offers to your list, be 100% sure that they are worth every penny, if not, your trust may just take a huge nose dive and all that work is for nothing! Now this blog is not designed to be a complete guide to building your network marketing business online, but it is a taster! One last thing, is this, social distancing won’t last forever, and sure you will soon be able to hit the streets and pester everyone in sight…. Or you could choose to learn the skills needed to be a profession network marketer online. I hope you and your family stay safe and well through-out this coronacrisis! We will get through this!

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