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Classy Network Marketing Follow Up Script

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We all know how frustrating it is when you find that one prospect who tells you they are really interested only to ghost you, so how do you follow up without feeling like you are hounding them?

You have put in the hard work and got the result. Your prospect tells you that they will check out your video, or even sign up as soon as they get paid, only to go cold on you and ghost you.

It's an awkward one, right?

Because obviously we want to follow up with them, but we don't want to appear like we are chasing them in a relentless way... because let's face it, that's a big turn off!

So how can you follow up in a really classy way that doesn't look like you are chasing them at all?

Thankfully I have got some really classy ways of following up that work really well on Facebook messenger, and trust me this could be a massive game changer when it comes to following up with class!

However, before I let you in on the scripts, I want to share with you an important principle to keep in mind when following up with your prospects. You should always choose friendship over business. What I mean by this, is that as long as you lead with friendship, and a genuine interest in your prospect and their world, you will not go far wrong!

Another thing to consider is your prospect is watching what you do because they are weighing up whether you not they want to do what you are doing, and if they feel you are just focused on closing them, they will start to think that they don't actually want to join your network marketing team.

So how do you follow up?

Network Marketing Follow Up 1

OK, so let's say your prospect has told you they will watch your video, and now they are ignoring you, what could you say?

One way of dealing with this is to offer them an alternative material to take a look at, for example some people will engage better with a magazine or website link. Whilst others may prefer to engage with a live event such as an exclusive invite only webinar. One benefit of getting your prospect onto a "live presentation" such as a webinar or Facebook live is that they can see that other people are watching the presentation too, this adds a level of social proof, meaning they already begin to feel more comfortable with what is being offered. Here are some simple example scripts...

"Hey Sarah, I hope you are well? That photo of your dog was adorable! I was just wanting to let you know that by home business mentor is holding a live webinar tomorrow night explaining exactly what we do, I know you said I might be interested in finding out more, and wondered if you'd like me to get you an invite?"

"Hey Sarah, hope you are enjoying the sunny weather! I was just thinking of you as my company have just brought out a new magazine all about the home business I was telling you about, would you like me to send you a copy?"

"Hey Sarah, I hope you have had a lovely weekend? I was wondering if you would do me a massive favour?!? I am going to be doing a Facebook live tomorrow night for my home-based business, I am really excited but a little nervous, I'd love to see some friendly faces watching, would you be one of those friendly faces?"

Network Marketing Follow Up 2

OK, so let's say you have had a prospect tell you that they want to join but they need to talk to family, or they need to wait to pay day, but now they have gone cold... what could you say?

In this situation, it could be that they have just genuinely forgotten to take the dive into your team, but it is more likely to that they have either been talked out of it by negative family or friends, or maybe they are not making the joining fee a priority because for some people actually parting with their hard spent money is tough. The thing to focus on here is re-education about the opportunity with a specific focus on helping them develop the self belief that they can do this, and that they can make a return on their investment. Remember try to avoid any kind of income claims, and I find it is very useful to be really honest and realistic about what they can achieve. Building a sense of community here is also important. Here are some example scripts...

"Hey Sarah, I hope that you are keeping well? I know that you was interested in joining my home based business, I am sure that you will have some questions before getting started, shall we arrange a time to have a call?"

"Hey Sarah, I know that you was interested in starting your own home based business, I have a few people that are ready to get started, so I am putting together a support group so I can focus on helping those people make a success of their new business, I just wanted to see if you were ready to get started?"

"Hey Sarah, I was thinking about you today, and I realised I forgot to mention that when I first started my business my partner had a few questions, so if Scott has any questions feel free to have him get in touch with me or if he would like to view the presentation just let me know! I'm here to support you guys!"

Bonus Script : Full On Ghosted

OK so you have that situation where the prospect is now completely ignoring you, and you begin to think, do you leave it or keep trying?

Maybe this prospect was going to buy your product or maybe they were about to jump into your team, but now they are completely ignoring you. In this situation you do not want to come across at all pushy... so what can you do? Well firstly, you have to know your prospects goals to actually be able to do this, if you don't know what it is that your prospect wanted to achieve then you are going to struggle. But please please don't Facebook stalk your prospect to help you here, the only thing that leads to is your prospect thinking you are a creep! You job here is to simply remind the prospect of their goal, and then leave them to reach back out... this shows you are not pushy and interested in them... Some example scripts are...

"Hey Sarah, I just had to share this with you! The lady in this article reminded me of you because I know you said that you wanted to lose a stone, fit into your wedding dress, and that is exactly what this lady did! Check it out here...." (Obviously you need to have a relevant article)

"Hey Sarah, I just wanted to share this with you! I know that you were looking to have some nice days out with Jack, I saw this offer for (a local day out) and thought it might be perfect for you and Jack! Hope you are keeping well!"

"Hey Sarah, I know that you really wanted to get into shape this year, I just wanted to let you know that my gym has given me a free month invite to give to a friend and wondered if you wanted it?"

The aim of this is to get the conversation flowing again, this allows you to move on to the business or product as and when you feel it's appropriate.

One last thing to remember is that you must show you are more interest in them then your pocket... and stay well away from saying anything like "you said you would join me..." keep the pressure off, and above all keep your follow up natural, and have fun with it...

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