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5 Top Facebook Tips For Building Your Network Marketing Business

If you are going to build a massive network marketing business, you are going to have to master Facebook. That's a fact.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media site around and let's face it, social media is all the rage. Think about it, everyone who is anyone is on Facebook. In fact, Facebook reaches 60.6% of all internet users, with 2.45 billion monthly users of the platform!

So it's fair to say that if you can master Facebook marketing, your list will never run dry. But Facebook isn't about just putting your link on as many groups as you can find, it's harder than that. But it's not that hard, with a little work, anyone can master Facebook and turn on the tap of endless leads!

Here are my 5 Top Tips For Building Your Network Marketing Business on Facebook

Lead With Connection

Facebook is not about getting people to click your link. It's quite different. Whilst with google your aim is about getting your website link seen and clicked, and then allowing your website to do the selling. Facebook is quite a different beast, in fact, on Facebook most users who click a link are already part way along making a buying decision. And that means that much of the sales process happens on Facebook.

And we know that on average most buyers take about 7 exposures to a product or service before they actually decide to part with their money.

Therefore simply posting your links in as many places on Facebook as you can is a very ineffective.

So what is one of the best ways to actually expose people to your product or service?

Create a genuine connection.

Think of your Facebook page or profile as a online, adaptive business card.

Your aim shouldn't be to sell anything to anyone, especially not on your first encounter. Your aim should be to find a way to create a genuine connection and grow that relationship.

A really good way of doing this is by finding out what your new friend struggles with and then finding a way to solve this problem for them.

It's also worth remembering that behind every Facebook profile is a real person, and building a friendship with someone online isn't that different to how you would build a friendship offline!

There is another huge benefit of leading with connection and exposing your new friend to your product or service, they get to see social proof!

Social Proof Sells

In my opinion this is one of the most powerful things your new prospect can see whilst being exposed to your product or opportunity.

So what is social proof?

Social proof is simple other users engagement with your posts, as your prospect sees people engaging with you, with likes and comments, they begin to feel like other people are thinking what you are offering is a great idea and this helps to solve any concerns that they might have.

This is the virtual version of looking around the room at a opportunity presentation and realising that other people seem to be interested and fired up...

... and we all know what effect that has on our prospect!

Think about the last time you brought something off of amazon, I bet you scrolled down and saw how many stars the product had been given, maybe you even read the reviews. This is essentially social proof!

As humans we love to follow others and fit in, so if you can show your prospect that other people think your offer is amazing, they are 10x more likely to actually click you link and take action.

So how can you build up social proof?

Create Community

One of the very best ways to build up social proof is to create community.

In life we all love to belong and feel like we are part of something, and that is no different online.

In fact community is so powerful and especially positive communities, that I have known people join network marketing teams just to be part of the team Facebook group!

One of the fastest ways to begin a community is to be the person that you want in the community you want to create. So if you want a positive, up beat community, be that person and you will attract these kind of people into your community, which in turns begins to create this community.

Be authentic, remember people are attracted to other people and often we can smell a rat if we think someone isn't being authentic with us.

Allow people to see the real you, some of the posts that the network marketing pros get the most engagement on, aren't the polished training posts, its the family pic, or a quick post about their life.

Curiosity Kills

When posting on Facebook never post directly the details of your product or service. This allows you to create curiosity, and we all know curiosity kills, right?

Think about it.

If I post a picture of a friend who has lost loads of weight, it's going to get you curious, but the moment I mention how they did it, I lose the curiosity.

And there is a important reason you want to curiosity. Curiosity moves people to action.

So if I said "Hey, look at what Sarah has achieved with this Herbalife diet!"

My prospects are not googling Herbalife, and they are likely to be either reading negative reviews and loosing interest. Or worse still they might end up on someone else's team. But maybe the worse part of all is that I wouldn't have had a clue that they were even interested.

Whereas if I posted "Wow, look what my friend Sarah has achieved with our unique diet plan!"

As your prospect I can't go off and google because I have nothing to google, and so the only action I can take is to message you and ask for more information.

And that now starts a conversation and allows you to follow up giving you the best chance of actually getting me as a customer or team mate!

Be Consistent

But my absolute biggest Facebook Marketing tip would be to be consistent. And I mean this in more way than one.

It's important to be consistent in posting and keeping your Facebook profile, pages and groups up to date with regular relevant information. You never know when might be the right time for someone who has been watching you from a distance to reach out to you, but they are not likely to do this if they don't see regular up to date activity.

But more than that, it's important to be consistent in the content that you actually post about. This is all about building up or authority on a subject. Think about it, if I posted all the time about building a network marketing business on Facebook, you begin to follow me as you find my post and information helpful and you begin to see me as an authority on the subject, then overnight I start posting about dog whispering.

See the impact that might have?

This is why it's mega important to target your audience and plan your content for that audience!

If you would like to learn more about building your network marketing business on Facebook, please feel free to join our friendly Facebook community here!

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